Newest podcast is listed first!

Steve C speaking at an unknown time and event, he became sober in 1985 and mentions being the Sunday spiritual speaker, so I assume this was a conference or roundup.


First we have Reece, she got sober in 2009 and is speaking in 2015 at the Sunday Night Speakers meeting in Seattle followed by Jerry speaking at the same group on his 27th AA birthday in Jan of 2017


Beth H. from Cary, NC sober since 1988 speaking at the Kansas Area 25 State Conf. in Wichita KS on 9-18-2015


Gabby (speaking for 10 min) then Lee speaking at the N Oakland AA speaker meeting in Feb of 2010. This is our 300th episode!


Sharon McD sober just over 2 years at the time of this speak, sharing her story at an unknown meeting, on an unknown date. This ends abruptly as she is wrapping up.


Three speakers at an Old Timers Panel, speaking at unknown location or date. Jim H starts the meeting followed by "conference junkie" Lady, the last speaker is Jim T, all the speakers got sober in the 70's.


Jane D. from Tallahassee FL speaking at Sessions by the Sea in Ocean City MD on 9-12-2015


The Study Edition of The Big Book

studyeditionI have one of these and it is one of my favorite items, a really excellent and useful for book study meetings or as a gift to a newcomer who is going to be heading to one.

The First 164 pages of The Big Book with lined blank pages opposite each page of text for note taking.

  • Includes the original Foreword
  • The Doctor's Opinion
  • Dr. Bob's Story.
  • Bound in black bonded leather. 

Paragraph numbers along side the text for easy reference.  Entire Original Manuscript (about) including the stories. Easy to read retyped version. Includes paragraph numbers corresponding to the modern text for easy comparison.  

Footnotes explaining historical and obscure references in the text.  

Footnotes documenting all 79 differences between the modern text and the original 1st printing text of the 1st 164 pages (about). Yes, believe it or not, the basic text has been changed 79 times since it was first published.

Two place keeping ribbons.  Special "lay flat" binding.



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